Origami wool jacket with square sleeves/ Militaly Olive – YOJIRO KAKE OFFICIAL
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Origami wool jacket with square sleeves/ Militaly Olive


A wool jacket featuring square sleeves with ribbon straps, made using an origami-like folding pattern.
An off-the-shoulder, relaxed silhouette.
The material used is Bishu wool, a high-quality material that represents Japan.

Outer: 90% wool, 10% nylon
Lining: 100% Cupra
-Hand tailored in Japan-

This jacket has a relaxed silhouette.
Designed by a designer who studied design in Italy, the design inspired by Italian historical costumes is very original and expresses your unique inner self.

Measurements of the garment in various sizes(CM):
size S 92 82 53
size M 96 86 54
size L 100 90 55
size XL 104 94 56
*As it is completely made-to-order, it will be shipped within 2 weeks of your order.

For any requests or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

What is Bishu Wool?
The strength of the Bishu production area, a specialty product of Aichi Prefecture, is the division of labor and cooperation within the same region for many processes from thread to textile. From sheared wool to spinning yarn, twisting yarn to create yarn, dyeing to dye the yarn, weaving to create a design and weave the fabric, and processing and finishing the woven cloth, many people are deeply involved in each process. I am involved.
Its technology is admired by famous brands around the world.

*13 Big Benefits of Wool*

①100% natural fiber
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the major producers of wool fibres, are home to approximately 120 million sheep, who depend on water, air, sunlight and grass to survive. Wool is a 100% natural fiber that can be produced all year round

②100% biodegradable
When wool fibers are discarded, they naturally decompose in the soil over the course of several years, slowly releasing valuable nutrients into the soil.

③Wrinkle resistant
When viewed under a microscope, each merino wool fiber is coiled like a spring and has the property of returning to its original shape after being folded. This is why wool clothing does not wrinkle easily.

④ warm and cool
In contrast to synthetic fibers, wool is an active fiber that reacts to changes in body temperature. Therefore, it keeps you warm on cold days and cool on hot days.

⑤ Deodorizing function
In contrast to synthetics, wool absorbs moisture leaving less sweat on the body. Wool also absorbs sweat odors and locks them in until washing.

⑥Natural elasticity
Due to its natural elasticity, woolen garments stretch with the wearer's movements and return to their original shape. Therefore, wool clothing is best worn during exercise.

⑦ Moisture retention
Wool fibers trap water vapor within their structure and release it slowly, maintaining a higher skin temperature and slowing the cooling rate. Wool releases more heat through the skin, making wool feel twice as cool as synthetics in warm environments.

⑧Natural moisture absorption and desorption
Wool is one of the most wicking fibers. Wool fibers can absorb a lot of moisture and release it into the atmosphere.

(9) Stain resistance
Wool fibers have a natural protective outer layer that helps prevent stain adsorption. In addition, unlike synthetic fibers, wool does not easily generate static electricity, so it is less prone to dust and lint.

⑩UV protection
Merino wool garments offer more protection from the sun than other fibres. A natural fiber that has evolved over millions of years to protect sheep from the forces of nature, Merino wool absorbs UV rays and protects against the sun. This makes Merino wool a suitable material for outdoor activities.

⑪ Gentle on bare skin
Merino wool fibers are so fine that they are much more flexible than the stiffer traditional wool fibres. Therefore, merino wool is soft even when worn on the bare skin, and you can feel the luxurious gentleness to the bare skin. Recent studies have shown that it is also effective against allergies.

⑫ Wool is the most recycled fiber
Although wool accounts for only 1.2% of the virgin fiber supply, research shows that 5% of clothing donated to charity is wool. Wool is also one of the most sought-after recycled textiles for recycling into new, long-lasting products such as clothing, mattresses and home furnishings. Wool is a completely renewable fibre, as sheep produce new wool every year.

⑬Flame resistance
Due to its unique chemical structure, wool has natural fire resistance. That is why wool is a natural fiber that is highly trusted in public spaces such as hotels, aircraft, hospitals and theaters. Cotton ignites at 255°C, but wool does not ignite until it reaches 570-600°C. Polyester melts at 252-292°C and nylon at even lower temperatures of 160-260°C, but wool never melts and therefore does not stick to the skin like many common synthetics.

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