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Echoes of Vine

Photography: Sara Mautone 

Model: Shifra @ Look Now Firenze
Make-up & Hair: Caterina Cerretti 
Styling: Oka Hui Yun Lin 
Assist: Sayaka Onuma, Sarah Venturini

Project collaborated with CLASS Hair Salon Educational Style from Prato Italy, presented at ALTERNATIVEHAIR SHOW 2014 held at Royal Albert Hall in London. Originally inspired by the theme of Parcae (Moirai from Greece) - the three Goddesses who control the lives of beings, and the philosophy from Taoism/Daoism/道 of ancient China, this project basically itself is a process towards Equilibrium.

This capsule ECHOES OF VINE, the designer illustrates the project by being inspired of climbing plants. To be trapped and meanwhile embraced by themselves, covered each other under shadows and shared the sun together. To reach outside without fear yet ambition heading to the endless edge. A personal sensation to be told.