Despaired Refugees – YOJIRO KAKE OFFICIAL
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Despaired Refugees



For this site-specific project Yojiro has taken inspiration from the book of photos “Exodus: 50 Million People on the Move”, illustrating the despair of refugees from the most diverse countries and cultures. Starting from this portfolio of images in black & white Yojiro has developed three silhouettes in which the definition of new cuts and shapes goes hand-in-hand with research into tones shading from black – metaphor for despair – towards hues of grey and silver. One of the three garments then cites the work of the Dutch artist Eylem Aladogan, who creates dynamic sculptures of great emotive impact, taken up by Yojiro in the exaggeration of the volumes that is by now a cipher of his experimentation. The installation was produced with the support of the textile manufacturer Manifattura Emmetex, through the Master Loom Black range.