Be Clothed in Prepubescent – YOJIRO KAKE OFFICIAL
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Be Clothed in Prepubescent

YOJIRO KAKE 2015SS Ready-to-wear 
Be Clothed in Prepubescent

Photography: Sara Mautone 
Model: Shifra Stonemountain @ Look Now Firenze 
Styling: Oka Hui Yun Lin
Make-up & Hair: Caterina Cerretti 
Assist: Sayaka Onuma, Sarah Venturini

Inspired by the project collaborated with CLASS for AlternativeShow, ready-to-wear BE CLOTHED IN PREPUBESCENT is an extended concept from the youngest Goddess of Parcae (Moirai from Greece), a pure spirit with naughty characteristic.

Hereby one may find out many see-through fabrics such as linen or nylon be played in between for basic yet sculptural items like pants or shirts. A childish and casual way to have fun with deposition and extension. Adorable geometrical skirts leads to an elegant style, while mini jumpsuits provoke the sensation of being boyish.