Origami Water Repellent Cotton Giabadine Trench Coat / Khaki – YOJIRO KAKE OFFICIAL
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Origami Water Repellent Cotton Giabadine Trench Coat / Khaki


This original trench coat is made of materials by Styletex, a Japanese textile company with a history of 120 years. 100% genuine yarn-dyed high-density gabardine made from Giza cotton, which is 100% water-repellent.
By interweaving different dyed yarns vertically and horizontally, it is characterized by deep colors, luster, and a luxurious feel.
The natural-fit classy spring trench coat is featuring with folded Epaullete, unique ribbon wrists stripes, long-front short-back, and geometric cutting of hem. side seem pockets, covered buttons, one waist belt.
The biggest feature of this trench coat is that using a paper pattern made by folding like origami. At first glance, it is a basic trench coat, but the there are some playful details such as collar and shoulder epaulettes are made by folding it like origami. For the back hem, the ear part of the fabric that is usually cut off is used as it is. In this way, the special trench coat where you can see the Japanese origami concept in detail is handmade and sewn one by one by Japanese craftsmen.
How about one special trench coat unique to handmade that can not be realized by mass production?

Signature Detailes
・100% Top quality cotton gabardine ( water proof)
・Folded epaullete
・Geometrical hem
・Top quality buffalo buttons
・Long wrist belts
・Folded triangle shoulder
・Included one waist belt: height 5 cm×130 cm length
・Sleeves Lining

Model’s size indication
・Model Faustine (Hair up) wears size M
height:175 //bust: 82 // waist: 62 // hips: 88

For any requests or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

・Outer: 100% Cotton gabardine<Khaki>
・Sleeves Lining: 100% Viscose <Beige>
・Buffalo buttons: Diameter 2 cm × thickness 0.5 cm / 10 pieces
*In the photo, a cover button is used, but the designer has changed it to the highest quality buffalo button.
・Metal hook: 1 piece
・Strings: 100% Polyester<Khaki>
・Please use specialist dry clean

Handtailored in Japan

Vol.1 Collection Peace in Origami - One Piece

About the Collection
Peace in Origami is a collection challenging one-piece-made pattern to form western classic and simple garments with oriental folding technique while maintaining the unique aesthetic of label YOJIRO KAKE.

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