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Origami Pattern Series 1 "Until Our Dress is born"

Dear Followers,

Happy New Year 2018!
We wish you the happiest and fulfilling year from Pistoia Italy.
Today, we would like to show you some of the work scenery,
How our Dress ( for 2018 spring/summer FOLDED IN MEDICI) was born.
Let's take a peek inside the studio.
↓First of all, the designer makes a design sketch under the several themes.

↓After the sketch is completed, he started  playing with paper directly on the mannequin and folds it until he founds an attractive shape.
↓And cutting the paper and folding again.
↓After few hours of playing with the Origami,
 the paper folds like a sculpture and the shape rises little by little.


↓Once the shape is decided , It is rewrited to a flat paper.

And  after more than 10 times of rework and modification,

The flat pattern is completed finally.

It looks like a map for journey.

How do you see it?

↓Finally we make the first dress with real fabric as a trial.

Here origami will change into real clothes.

And some more few  modifications will be shown up.  

After fixing some specific modifications,

It's time to think about a print design for the dress.

This time, he got design inspiration from Pietra Dura in Florence and produced a new print pattern with the collage of pieces of colored paper and news paper what he used to play when he was child in Japan.

By using this method ,Yojiro tryed to blend Italy and Japan cultural

And waiting for this print pattern to be transcribed into the Silk organdy.

A few days later, the print cloth is made finally!

It's time to sew, after cutting the fabric and some preparations 

What will this dress will be like?

A couple of weeks have passed since the sketch was completed. Finally the new dress was born in our world from the flat sketch's world.

Yojiro says making clothes is like going out on a trip.You need to take a map that's written where you came from. and you go through the emotions and aim at the goal that's no one knows where it is and what will happen.

And we wish It leaves for journey with you to another unique, beautiful world.


Squarish Sleeves Origami Silk Organdy Dress / Paper Collage Print

Photo: Sara Mautone  Makeup: Luigi Morino Model: Nicole @castingfirenze

Today we showed you some scenes about  our dress.

For the next blog we will show you about one more work scenery of Frilly Neck Squarish Sleeves Top as Origami Pattern series 2.

Stay tuned!


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