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New Physical Store - Mimi Furaha


Dear Followers,

Hope you enjoy the beautiful Autumn, we need some big coats already to survive the windy rainy week in Pistoia. This is Oka, I am really glad to share an exciting news with you. From November, there will be an artistic store more for you to shop YOJIRO KAKE's designs in Italy - Mimi Furaha of Micaela Brichieri Colombi located at the center of Florence, near by Accademia Gallery.

 Mimi Furasha of Micaela

//photo from Mimi Furasha

Mimi Furaha is an unique place to find quality design, genuine creativity and warm textures from interior to garments. Particularly I love the idea that Michael named the boutique 'Mimi Furaha', it means 'I am happy.' in Kiswahili (Swahili) language as a tribute to her homeland - Africa. Michael has soaked her soul from childhood with bright colours and spicy flavours there. To express and share the passion from simple joys made of beauty and art, Mimi Furaha was set as a starter to ring the bell.

Have a look at the website here to have a clear image of Mimi Furaha. There are workshop of knitting or contemporary art events hosted here frequently, stay tuned at their Facebook FanPage.

Workshop at Mimi Furasha in Florence

//photo from Mimi Furaha

If you would prefer to discover this lovely select shop here in Florence, there Micaela and Raffaella will welcome you super friendly! Here are the information you may need for visit.

////Borgo degli Albizi 35R
////055 234 4456
////Open Everyday 10.30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 19:00

Mimi Furasha in Florence

//photo from Mimi Furaha

I was really excited while discovering Mimi Furaha either as a tourist or a brand, there are so many beauties within this space like you may feel the breath between the garments and art works. I could imagine our Origami collection will be comfortable with confidence here.

See you there soon!
Warm greetings from Pisoita,
Oka HuiYun Lin 

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